Ursuit Sales & Services

3Q Industrial Supplies provide a wide range of services for Ursuit, including servicing/testing and repairs for Ursuit Drysuits & Survival Suits.


Right maintenance and storage are really important to keep your suit in a good shape, and to prolong the lifespan of your suit significantly. Small leakages, holes etc. can be repaired with the patches provided with the suit, but bigger leakages and zipper/boots/seal repairs should be done only by a professional. It’s recommended, that you assign a professional to test the suit once a year. You can also make a waterproofness test yourself by going to the water with the suit on.

The Ursuit service procedure

We always pressure test your suit when sent for service or maintenance. That is the only way to ensure the safety of the suit in all conditions, and also to get an estimate of the expected repair price. If the cost estimate for the repair indicates it is not worthwhile to carry out the service, we will contact you before commencing any actions. In a normal case we will proceed with the repairs as you have instructed after the pressure test. Unfortunately we are not able to perform service on a significantly dirty or otherwise contaminated suits, in such case please clean the suit before sending it to us.

To find out more about Ursuit products please visit: https://www.ursuit.com/

Should you have any further questions please contact sales@3qind.co.uk